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As Far as the Eye Can See


I wasn’t planning to announce this for a while (like maybe a year) but I have written another Blades book, The Ethical Swordsman, and sold it to Five Rivers Publishing, who put out my One Velvet Glove earlier this year. (That tells you that OVG sold well.) The bad news is that the new book is not scheduled for publication until 2020. 2019 is reserved for Pillar of Darkness. As I said, I wasn’t planning to mention it yet, but Five Rivers has issued an announcement bragging about it. Hang in there, please, friends.

6 thoughts on “As Far as the Eye Can See”

  1. Dave, you should be flattered that someone is always jumping the gun when releasing your books, or news about them. It shows how excited we all are! I’m looking forward to all of them.

  2. Velvet Glove was a delight, it was great to see familiar faces after such a time. SO I’m obviously looking forward to more!

    1. Then you have a treat awaiting you. The new book takes off from the death of King Ambrose in The Gilded Chain and brings in about a dozen people you have previously met.

  3. Since I have time to spare, I’m re-reading “Past Imperative; Book One of The Great Game” again. I don’t know how many times I’ve already read that series, but I know I enjoy it immensely every time. And besides, how many times does a person get to visit Stonehenge anyway?
    I’m still looking forward to your new books, but at least I have my old friends to keep me company while I wait.

    1. FUNNY STORY: When I was writing that book, I knew that there had been a fence around Stonehenge in 1914, and I dearly wanted to know what sort of fence, because Edward had to climb through/over it. I happened to visit family not far away, so I dropped in on the public library in Salisbury and asked them. I could see the Oh-God-another-kook expression come over their faces. Mr. Whoever was away that day, but if I would leave a note… I came home to (then) Calgary and about three days later, while reading about World War I, I came on a picture of Canadian Troops drilling Salisbury Plain, and right behind them… Not only that, but the original photo was in the Glenbow Museum, right there in Calgary. I dropped a note to Mr. Whatever, so that the next time someone came in and asked what sort of fence there was around Stonehenge in 1914, he could snap back with the answer. I expect he’s still hoping.
      🙂 Dave

  4. Great news! Thank you for continuing my favorite series. Now can we sell the idea to HBO and replace Game of Thrones!!! These stories are much more deserving.

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