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"The Years of Longdirk" Series-- Addition


The three books in the series (Demon Sword, Demon Rider, & Demon Knight) never quite completed the story. There should have been a Book Four. I have added a brief PS to the third book explaining this omission, and how I think the saga would have ended. If you already own an e-book copy, this update is now available free of charge from your supplier. If you buy the paperback in future, it will be included. (Thanks to the cooperation of my current publisher, Open Road Integrated Media.) If you already own a paper book, you can view a copy of the postscript here.

3 thoughts on ““The Years of Longdirk” Series– Addition”

  1. Thanks Dave
    I always wondered what exactly would happen, although it felt complete enough to be satisfying. Nothing like the end of Man of His Word 3!

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