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Ironfoot Sequel


I have posted the opening chapter of Trial by Treason , to be published by Night Shade Books in October 2018. (Call me a sadist--see if I care!)

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  1. We get to read the first chapter of “Trial by Treason” now, and suffer for over half a year waiting for the rest? You are a sadist!

  2. I’m so excited I found out this website! A Handful of Men was definitely my favorite fantasy saga as a teen. You have no idea how incredibly difficult it was to get one’s hands on Duncan’s work in South America back in the nineties. I remember waiting for years to travel to the US for Stricken Field. I think Living God was the first book I ordered in… I devoured it! Damn you Zinixo!

  3. For me, it was the Reluctant Swordsman, and that was a pure accident because I was unwell. I wanted a comforting reread of an old favourite called the Reluctant Sorcerer, but pulled out the wrong volume due to mishearing my computer reading the file name to me because of a noisy dog.

    Sheer happenstance, but 56 volumes after that and nearly a decade of enjoyment is something I am very grateful for. I can honestly say, Dave, that no author engenders as much quiet excitement upon announcing a pre-release. I haven’t loved every single thing you’ve written, of course that would be foolish as so much of it is different. But I’ve been swept away more times than I can count, perhaps even more so during a second or third reading of a book or series. I hope you continue publishing for a good few pentads yet of course, the thought of no more from the Grand Master cuts to the quick, even though it is an inevitability for us all. And yet I know that in another decade, all- being well, I will still have the inclination (and I can’t ever say what triggers it) to revisit any one of your brilliant works. It’s like having my own little vacation on-tap in any weather and without having to spend any more money.

    So please let me take this opportunity, for I will never get to do so in person I am sure, to thank you. Your works have been a source of happiness, comfort, excitement, revelation and joy. You have made the world a better place, and not many people can truly say that.

    1. Dear (and I mean that) Sean,
      I thank you for a wonderful story, and the most delicious flattery. Please convey my thanks to the dog, if it is still around. No, the flood will not continue forever. I am toiling away still, but much more slowly than I used to. whatever happens, you can count on the two remaining “Enchanter” books — Trial by Treason and Merlin Redux. ALSO, although I have not mentioned this previously, an SF standalone, Pillar of Darkness, which will be published by Five Rivers, probably early next year.
      Meanwhile, Happy Reading and Re-Reading!

  4. It was The Reluctant swordsman for me too. I fished it out of the bargain bin at the second hand book stall in the market (cost me all of 20p!) about two decades ago. I brought it home along with a dozen or so other books, and hubby was the first to pick it up. When he was done, he said it was the best book he’d read in many years. I read it, and had to agree. So we spent the next decade hunting down all the books we could find (thank goodness for Waterstones and their ability to order a good few of them) before the internet took off properly.

    The Living God was also our very first Amazon purchase. But living in the UK, we had to order it from a third party seller as didn’t have it. Would you believe we paid more than £50 for it!? But we’d been looking for it for years without luck, so it was worth every penny!

    Really cannot wait for Trial by Treason!

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