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Endangered Species


I always regret that my SF books are less popular than my Fantasy. SF actually takes more work to write! Personally, I believe that my output is equally readable in either genre. I am fortunate that every one of my published books is still available, but I fear that this situation is likely to change in the near future. E-books do have a slight maintenance cost, and contracts allow publishers to discontinue them when profits turn negative. Two books that I especially love and that I believe may be at risk are Pock’s World and Wildcatter. Both are SF, but if you are a fan of my writing, please do try these. I promise that you will meet some lovable characters (in hateful situations, of course).

5 thoughts on “Endangered Species”

  1. Wildcatter is perhaps my favourite of your works that don’t fall into a series; a slim volume to be sure, but one guaranteeing me a few hours of unparalleled joy.

    I have bought both on Kindle as I recall, so all I can do is shout about them to everyone else now!

  2. I am doing a 24 hour non-stop readathon to raise funds for a small charity providing Braille books in October. Quite why I thought it a good idea i’m sure I’ll come to question as the day draws on, but I’m certain some of your titles will make an appearance. I will promise to put Pock’s World into the mix. 🙂

    A count of my virtual shelf puts my collection of your works at 56 now, I have read every one at least once, apart from Daughter of Troy. I have pre-ordered the second Enchanter General and resort to re-reading your books in times of stress, joy, upset or bliss. I can’t put into words the depth of pleasure they give me. 🙂

  3. I recently decided to re-read several of your books and was struck by how different Pocks World and Hero! were while dealing with the same basic premise. It wasn’t till I read them one after the other that I even really made the connection!
    Great stuff, I heartily endorse your SF books to anyone who already enjoys your books. Or anyone who enjoys books!

  4. They are both great. I agree that Pock’s World and Hero! have a different feel – I always feel sad and uncomfortable after reading Hero!
    I already had Pock’s World as ebook, but I just got Wildcatter, too.
    I am always excited when you announce a new book!

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