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Dave Duncan, 85, was a popular novelist who dreamed up fantastical worlds


Dave Duncan was 53 years old when his first novel was published, yet he went on to author more than 60 books and left more than a dozen unpublished manuscripts in various stages of completion when he died on Oct. 29 at age 85.

One of Canada’s most prolific fantasy and science fiction writers, Mr. Duncan wrote many popular series, including The Seventh Sword, The King’s Blades and The Great Game. He also experimented with other genres, including historical fantasy and young adult fiction... Read more

3 thoughts on “Dave Duncan, 85, was a popular novelist who dreamed up fantastical worlds”

  1. I don’t have the words to express how heartbroken I am at this news. My very deepest condolences go out to Mr Duncan’s family and friends.

    The world of speculative fiction has lost its most original and inventive writer. He will be missed incredibly by those of us that have fallen in love with his books, his lovable characters and his unsurpassed world-building and magic systems.

    May all the gods and goddesses he created be there to guide him to a place where can can rest, and write.

    Rest in peace.

  2. Very saddening news; Mr. Duncan has been one of my top 3 favorite sci-fi authors for a very long time now. His work deserved much more recognition. I just re-read a couple of his books and on a whim decided to see if anything new was in the pipeline, only to stumble upon news of his death. He will be missed.

  3. Dave Duncan was my favorite author, and I have read tons of books from tons of authors. I never understood why his books never were made into movies, but Hollywood could never tell the tales as well as Mr. Duncan. His characters had so much depth, the actors could never recreate the true spirit of a Durendal or a Rap.

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